Mindless Boogie 23

This week saw the release of my debut EP on Belgian edits imprint Mindless Boogie! Check it out! Big thanks of course to Dirk from Mindless Boogie.

Buy Mindless Boogie 23 - Kid Who on Juno

Mindless Boogie on MySpace

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  1. once, twice, three time a winner! Top work louis, gonna get these stuck on repeat :)

  2. Congrats on the release! Absolutely loving it :)

  3. Thanks Leighton! I'm glad you're enjoying it! A big thanks too for linking me up at Keytars!

  4. 23 releases (well 24 if you include the Xmas one!) and not a duff release amongst them all, without a doubt its being my favourite label since its inception in 2006 with some stiff competition from History Clock, Golf Channel, Full Pupp, Bear Funk & Electric Minds...anyway, I digress!
    So really good to see you keeping up the MB standard (and thats a high ceiling) with three exceptional edits, particularly loving the Terry Britten Thunderdome Instrumental re-edit, such a floating of a sea of bliss track!

    And 23 is such a good number to be released on!