Cry, baby, cry

This has to be one of my favourite heavy funk sides of all time: saxophonist Joe Farrell's 1974 12 minute epic 'Upon this Rock'. Syrupy psychedelic funk/jazz/fusion with perhaps the most awesome wah-wah electric guitar grooves ever to be put on wax. Unmissable. Great drum breaks too.

Joe Farrell - Upon this Rock

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Photograph by B+, who shot the covers of Jurassic 5's 'Quality Control' and DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing....' to name a few... Check him out at Mochilla

The world is yours...

Classic Moroder. You know you're untouchable (nearly) when you've got THIS theme tune. 'Nuff said.

Giorgio Moroder - Tony's Theme

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Love Affair

My edit of Jimmy Ross' 'First True Love Affair'. Feel-good disco going on boogie from '81. Found the original at the incredible Lovefingers - if you don't know about them, go learn.

Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (Kid Who edit)

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Photograph by laiiis. Check her Flickr page here


Think Again

My edit of the Detroit Experiment's 'Think Twice'. The same great groove, minus the jazzy noodling with the tiniest pinch of San Francisco jack....

Shout out to Alpha Neil for originally recommending this one to me.

Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Kid Who's slightly jacked extended edit)

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Photograph by cupcakedetroit. See her Flickr page here


The Shadow Knows...

Here's an interesting picture I found. The rather happy looking fellow is, according to the caption which came with it, British designer Clive Button, and the unusual piece of equipment he is holding is apparently an 'MPC Drum Computer', dated 1983. Many of you will probably be familiar with the Linn/Akai range of sampler/drum-machines which became the cornerstone of hip-hop sample-based production in the 1990s, starting with the MPC-60 in 1988. Mr Button's machine predates the -60 by over five years, and, as far as I can see, has absolutely no connection with the Akai range at all... interesting...

Anyway, geekery aside, I'd like to offer up two beats made in the very early 90s by one of sample-based music's most celebrated artists. I am of course talking about Californian beatsmith and digger extraordinaire, DJ Shadow. Shadow recently published a limited series of unreleased beats, remixes and megamixes entitled 'The 4-Track Era', showcasing work produced before he bought his first sampler, the MPC-60. The samples were looped up by hand to a 4-track straight from the turntables.

These two tracks are from the third instalment in 'The '4-Track Era' series, 'The Best of the Original Productions 1990-1992'. An interesting glimpse into the early development of DJ Shadow's methodology and approach to samples, which would go on to blossom on such landmark records as 'What Does Your Soul Look Like' and 'Endtroducing.....'.

DJ Shadow - Ain't that a bitch

DJ Shadow - Cult of Brutality

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Find out more about Akai's MPC series here


Who got the number?

The B-side instrumental to Fresh Mark and Black Hawk's 'I got the number', released in 2007 on Number Nine Records. Pretty obscure, the 45 also credits the Soul Investigators, known for their work with singer Nicole Willis.

Cut-up bumpy hip hop beats and crunchy jazz loops.

Black Hawk and the Soul Investigators - I got the Number (instrumental)

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Photograph by Stephanie..... . Check her Flickr page here

Rave for One

My new mix is finally done! Been working on this one for quite a while - its the first time I've done extra editing in Ableton which has been quite exciting, recording and then overdubbing before adding extras...

Its all crazy slow motion disco, dubbed out electronica and weirdo breaks... Would love to know what you think.

Kid Who - Rave for One


1. East - L'Elegant
2. Will Powers - Adventures in Success (dub copy)
3. Red Rackem presents Hot Coins - Valiant Truth
4. T Tauri - Ark Raiders
5. Afro Cuban Band - Something's gotta give (Todd Terje edit)
6. The Emperor Machine - Box Dub
7. Veronica Underwood - Victim of Desire
8. Clara Mondshine - -Die Drachentrommier (Pilooski edit)
9. Bongo Disco System - Let There be Drums
10. G.A.N.G. - Incantations
11. Jive Rhythm Trax - 112 BPM
12. The Controllers - I can't turn the boogie loose (Greg Wilson edit)
13. Bill Withers - You got the stuff (Black Cock edit)
14. Discodeine - Homo-Compatible
15. Arcadion - Arc (album mix)
16. Jazaq - All systems go
17. Pilooski - Cheikir
18. Jive Rhythm Trax - 116 BPM (A)
19. Jive Rhythm Trax - 116 BPM (B)
20. LSB Edits - Espo
21. Asso - Don't Stop
22. Pugh Rogefeldt - Stockholm (St Goran and Qlint edit)
23. Ago - Let's Fun
24. August Darnell - Friendly Children (Kid Who 106 BPM edit)
25. Alton McClain and Destiny - Crazy Love
26. John Carpenter - Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title)
27. Ish - Faster than a Speeding Bullet
28. Michael Moorcock's Deep Fix - Time Centre
29. Placebo - Stomp
30. Groundhogs - Status People
31. A. Valotti - Spiro
32. Arts the Beatdoctor - Blending Quality

Runtime: 40.47

93.5 Mb

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Wall Street

Jackie Mittoo's 'Wall Street' - I can't find the original release date but it was reissued in 2000 on the Soul Jazz release 'Jackie Mittoo - The Keyboard King at Studio One', and there are several repress 45s around too. The title 'Keyboard King' is well deserved - think of any famous reggae keyboard lick and its probably Mittoo (the classic 3 notes in Sound Dimension's 'Real Rock' for example). His own output for Studio One however is some of the most original and complex reggae I've heard, incorporating jazz, soul and funk influences to great effect with careful considered production.

'Wall Street' is a sombre and haunting affair - and this could not be more fitting in 2009. The deep reggae groove is not the centre of attention for a change, but bubbles away steadily whilst Mittoo's tremolo chords set the tone. Awesome stuff.

Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street

Jackie Mittoo on Discogs

Photograph by Charles Gatewood. See more of that here


Beirut Disco

A little edit I did with a break off a tape I picked up many years ago in Cairo whilst visiting a friend. Due to the cover and sleeve notes being in Arabic, it was not until several years later that I discovered that it was the work of Said Mrad, a Lebanese club music producer and DJ, who has apparently enjoyed quite a bit of success across the Middle East. He fuses Western club sounds with traditional bellydance rhythms and instruments. Unfortunately, more often than not, the results are cliched, dated and predictable.

Not really my cup of tea - apart from this one-minute percussive progression. A simple drum-machine groove at 110bpm keeps time while tarbouka drummers let rip with hypnotic metallic rhythms. Not wanting to use the tape, I found a clean copy and simply extended the progression for DJ use.

Said Mrad - Bidayet Ezaaj (Kid Who edit)

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Club Soda

A double feature! Two tracks from Thomas Bangalter's 'Trax on da Rocks' EPs: 'On da Rocks' from vol 1, released in 1995 and 'Club Soda' from vol 2, released in 1998, both on Bangalter's own Roule label. Bangalter is one half of French dance music superstar duo Daft Punk, alongside Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and also co-wrote 'Music Sounds Better With You' as Stardust with Alan Braxe. These EPs never had nearly the same amount of commercial recognition as either of the aforementioned projects, but the ideas which made 'Homework' such a great album (which is as relevent today as it was in '96) are certainly present. These two tracks are the slowest from each EP, the others being more energetic filtered and electro house workouts with the classic harder-edged 'Homework' era sound. Both volumes are worth grabbing if you come across them.

Thomas Bangalter - On da Rocks

Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda

Thomas Bangalter on Discogs
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Photograph is a still from Daft Punk's film 'Electroma'. Read about that here

Silver Convention

Silver Convention's 'You've turned me on (but you can't turn me off)' from the 1976 album 'Get up and Boogie', although my copy is the Magnet Records '76 release of the same album entitled 'Discotheue vol 2'. I grabbed this at the bargain price of £2 at my local secondhand record dealer in Camberwell a couple months back, and this particular track has had plenty of play in our house since. Awesome slow-as-hell funk groover with tight production from this overlooked German disco orchestra.

Silver Convention - You've turned me on (but you can't turn me off)

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Pilooski's 'Girlz' from the very limited 'Love is Wet' 10". France's Pilooski is responsible for some of the finest edits around, and his productions are top notch too. 'Girlz' is especially good - fans of Flying Lotus will enjoy the limping beatdigger groove (thankyou Dilla) coupled with the rich textures of heavily processed samples. Nod ya head.

Pilooski - Girlz

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Photograph by Harry Peccinotti from the Pirelli Calendar 1969. Find out about that here

Sagittarius Black

Lazy sun-drenched southern soul from Timothy McNealy originally recorded in 1972, although there are a fair few repress 45s about. Massive drums, unfortunately no break! Still, it's a killer.

This is my edit - the tune is so perfect in its original form I didn't want to be too heavy handed, so just looped up some of my favourite bars as I went through it to bring them out.

Timothy McNealy - Sagittarius Black (Kid Who edit)

Timothy McNealy on Discogs

Photograph by Stefanie Schneider. Check her out here