Magical World

The Rotary Connection's 'Magical World' from the 1968 album 'Aladdin'. A heady blend of psyche and soul with great instrumentation, Minnie Riperton's band have managed to create a mood that is hopeful yet melancholic with some dark undertones. They never fail to surprise and this, in my opinion, is The Rotary Connection at the top of their game.

The Rotary Connection - Magical World

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Photograph by * luna *

Got Seoul

Plenty of disco recently so time for a bit of rare groove goodness. Garagey funky psyche out of Korea from He6, recorded in 1971. Massive, massive breaks. Incidentally this is the same band responsible for the last minute of dusty drum break bliss on DJ Shadow's 'The Number Song'. Apologies for the less than original post title, I couldn't resist....

He6 - Untitled

Unfortunately, He6 does not feature on Discogs.
Photograph by admorobo


Disco Japan

Here's a selection from Prins Thomas' 'Misery Mix' (see the previous post). An obscure slice of lush disco from Japan by Mariah, 'Shinzo No Tobira' from the 1983 album 'Utakata No Hibi'.

Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira

Unfortunately, Mariah doesn't feature on Discogs.
Photograph by Issey*

Misery Mix

Stumbled across this superb mix from Norwegian disco don Prins Thomas (pictured above, on the right, with fellow Norwegian producer and DJ Lindstrøm), recorded in February. Instead of his usual selection of expertly hand-picked disco and house, Prins offers up a record-jam style journey through obscure library, dusty funk, rare disco psychedelia and even a bit of Pink Floyd, proving that he is as good a beatdigger as he is at rocking big rooms across the globe. Packed full of surprises (there's even a Dilla reference in there), it's a blast from start to finish. No gimmicky mixes. No 3 minute blends. Just great music. All hail the Prins.

Prins Thomas - Misery Mix

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6th Borough

Craig Smith and The Revenge have been putting out a bunch of top edits recently under their 6th Borough Project guise on Jiscomusic and Instruments of Rapture. My pick of the bunch would have to be the Whispers edit 'Planets' on the flip to The Revenge's huge 'Cadillac' Hot Chocolate re-work, which will probably be finding its way onto a mix on Kid Breaks in the near future. For now, here's 'Just a Memory' off the second Instruments of Rapture 6th Borough EP. Slow funky disco groove with a hint of 70's porno.

6th Borough Project - Just a Memory

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Photograph by BuLu Chien



Slow-motion Italo hit from Raggio di Luna, 'Comanchero', recorded in 1985. I'm posting the instrumental, which still includes the chorus from the vocal version. A dub would have been great, perhaps I'll do one someday. In the meantime we'll just have to embrace the mid-80s Italo kitsch with open arms and sing along. Comanchero-o.

Raggio di Luna - Comanchero (instrumental)

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Norwegian cosmic producer Diskjokke's 'Asa Nisi Masa', released on Full Pupp this year. Buy it here.

Diskjokke - Asa Nisi Masa

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High Voltage

Early doors disco house from Das Volt, off the 'Gestures EP', with a bouncy analogue bass and some great instrumental details. The B-side, 'Fantasy' is even better in my opinion. Check it out at Juno, and be sure to grab a copy when it comes back in stock!

Das Volt - Gestures (original mix)

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Photograph by pencrush


Disco Stew

Leed's finest Alpha Neil drops his first full length mix for a while, and boy was it worth the wait. From disco through to boogie, house and plenty of his own edits and productions (there's also a Kid Who edit in there!), its a blast from start to finish, and expertly pieced together. This one's been bumping on my mp3 player for a good few weeks now, and is soon about to rock yours....

Alpha Neil - Disco Stew

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The Goodness

Be sure to keep a look out for 'Disco Stew 2 - 2nd Helpings', currently being cooked up in the lab here at Kid Who HQ....

Devilish Fun

'Devilish Fun' from the first Maelstrom Edit EP on Solardisco, originally CJ and Co.'s 'Devil's Gun'. Epic driving disco business.

Maelstrom - Devilish Fun

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Photograph by tristeroid

The Madness

Vincent Markowski's 'The Madness of Moths'. Breaky drums with techno details and a huge bassline kick things off before an arpeggiated synth switches it up a bit.

Vincent Markowski - The Madness of Moths

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Photograph by Mary.W


I think this is ace.

Dutch Rhythm Combo - Tune

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Photograph by oh gosh



UK DJ and producer Simbad's 'Soul Fever (synthstrumental)'. Glitchy hip-hop shuffle from G.A.M.M. sitting halfway between Dam Funk and Flying Lotus.

Simbad - Soul Fever (synthstrumental)

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DJ Cam does a synth-laden head-nodder built around the same Kool and the Gang loop Gangstarr took for 'DJ Premier in Deep Concentration' with added 808 and vintage analog business. Again, I'm on that summer vibe.

DJ Cam - Summermadness

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Photograph by the excellent Lala Martin


Kid Who @ The Albert and Pearl

You can catch me on Friday 15th at the Albert and Pearl on Upper St in Islington where I'll be spinning plenty of funk, disco and hip hop for a party crowd to 3am. It's the first time I've hosted a night up there so if you're about drop in and show some support!


Canadian Colours

'Canadian Colours Theme 3' from Dave Sarkys' 'First Encounter' LP, released on the French Crea label sometime in the 70s (release date, anyone?). Dusty library groove with great brass and an even better break.

Dave Sarkys - Canadian Colours Theme 3

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Polaroid from Supercapacity



Alpha Neil strikes again with another monster edit, this time it's Empire's 'Robotism' from 1980 which goes under the knife...

Empire - Robotism (Alpha Neil's Extended Edit)

Empire on Discogs

Photograph is from Andy Warhol's film 'Empire'


German 'kosmische musik' musician Manuel Göttsching's hour-long cosmic epic 'E2-E4', recorded in Berlin in 1981. Layer upon layer of electronics wash over eachother backed up by steady drum machine beats, creating an aesthetic so ahead of its time that it still sounds unbelievably fresh today. Make a cup of tea (or five), sit back and enjoy.

Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4

Manuel Göttsching on Discogs

Almost Summer...

Just checked this mix from French synth-pop band Jupiter (pictured above). An old friend from school, I've known Quarles for 8 years, and over the last couple he and his partner Amelie have been busy in the studio creating and fine-tuning their own special blend of boogie-funk, synth-pop, electro and disco, with massive analogue synths and drum machines creating the backdrop for Amelie's soft yet powerful vocal melodies to soar above. They recently put together this mix entitled 'Almost Summer' (which seems to be the theme of the moment on this blog!). Boogie-funk, electro-disco and more - an insight into the music which has influenced their sound. Jupiter have been creating quite a storm in both France and here in the UK - definitely one to watch. Look out for London gigs as they visit the capital to play quite often, and their live show will not disappoint.

Jupiter - Almost Summer Mix

Sylvester - I need somebody to love tonight
The Juan MacLean - Accusations
Stephanie Mills - Put your body in it
Marzio Dance - You can do it
Bottin - No Static
Yazoo - Situation
Losse Shus - Six Minute
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'Italo 84' Remix)
Zena Dejonay - I've got to find a way
Demis Roussos - I dig you
The Alan Parsons Project - I wouldn't want to be like you (The Twelves Edit)
Paul Parker - Right on target
Shalamar - Right in the socket

Jupiter on MySpace

Photograph by Florent Drillon