New Mix!

Cosmic Disco kindly posted a mix I made for them last week in conjunction with the release of the
Sheharzad remix. Check it out here!


Yalla Yalla

Jens Loden's 'Worx' artist compilation comes out this coming Monday on Fine Art, including original tracks from Jens both under his own name and his Sheharzad project, plus remixes from the likes of Orlando Voorn and Henrik Schwarz. Also included is my remix of Sheharzad's 'Yalla Yalla'. I had the good fortune of winning a remix competition for the track run by Fine Art Recordings / Save Vinyl's Nitzan Hermon last summer, and I'm really pleased to finally be able to announce its release. After hearing the beautifully crafted stems I couldn't resist having a shot! A big thanks to Jens Loden and of course to Fine Art for their support!

The remix will also be released as a digital single alongside the compilation on Monday. Check it out!

Jens Loden - Worx on JunoDownload

Sheharzad - Yalla Yalla (Kid Who Cosmic Mix) on JunoDownload

Jens Loden on MySpace

Fine Art Recordings

Dance with the Devil

A real gem from British rock drummer Cozy Powell, famous for his contribution on recordings for a wide variety of noteworthy British artists, including Black Sabbath and Peter Green. Killer drum breaks and fantastic instrumentation and vocals, you can't go wrong. Released in 1973 on Rak.

Cozy Powell - Dance with the Devil

Cozy Powell on Discogs

Mille Morceaux

Parisian production duo Distant Planet kindly passed over a copy of their latest EP 'Mille Morceaux' the other day. They couple their own synth sounds with dusty funk breaks and obscure disco, electro and boogie-funk samples to create a refreshing take on the instrumental hip-hop / beats sound. They've allowed me to choose a track off the EP to post at 192kbps, and here it is, 'Encore toi'. Whilst it's one of the shorter of the bunch at only two minutes long, the pastiche of dusty vocals and swirling synths made it a winner for me; satisfyingly nostalgic but still sounding fresh!

Grab the EP here.

Distant Planet - Encore toi

Distant Planet on MySpace