The Keyboard Choir

My two favourite cuts from Oxford-based electronica outfit Keyboard Choir's 'Electrical Unity' EP. Rich ambient soundscapes created with a literal chorus of keyboads and synths. You can downoad the EP for free here. A big shout out to KC member Alex, a personal friend of 14 years and a fellow music obsessive (and massive Kid Breaks supporter!). He DJs quite regularly at the Brainlove Records nights at Koko in Camden and has also been busy in the studio putting together some solo productions which reflect his vast range of influences. Look out for his exclusive Kid Breaks DJ mix in the future and plenty more from Alex and the Choir.

Keyboard Choir - Tokyo at Night

Keyboard Choir - Transine

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Definition of a track

Precious' 1989 hip-house hit 'In Motion' came with this dope b-side instrumental version. Jack your body!

Precious - In Motion (definition of a track)

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Jump to it

Alpha Neil of The Goodness (you must know him by now) passed this over to me a good while back and it's been a regular feature in my sets ever since, with scores of people approaching the turntables to find out more everytime I drop it. A massive edit of a massive tune. Forget about that instrumental edit that was floating about on a bootleg 12" a while back. It's all about the vocals with this one.

Aretha Franklin - Jump to It (Prince Klassen edit)

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Creative Technology Institute

'Dancing Ghosts' from The Creative Technology Institute (CTI), '83. Ambient analog heaven.

The Creative Technology Institute - Dancing Ghosts

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Welcome Aboard

'Welcome Aboard' from the unusually named Mother (F). 1981 - is it just me or was '81 a fantastic year for music?

Mother (F) - Welcome Aboard

Mother (F) on Discogs

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Cosmic Dust

I love this track. Sharon Bailey's 'Cosmic Dust', on Salsoul, '81. I'm posting the instrumental, which is more of a dub, complete with spaced-out delays and sweeping lasers. Cosmic indeed.

Sharon Bailey - Cosmic Dust (12" instrumental)

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Beach and Beard

Alpha Neil and I have finally got round to launching our new collaborative blog, Beach and Beard, where we'll be posting edits, remixes and finds focused on the more modern, clubbier sounds we're digging at the moment.

There's already two of my recent remixes up there which never made it up here, with heat from Alpha Neil on its way.... Go get!

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Witness the Change

Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks bringing the noise with synths and guitars. 1981.

Pete Shelley - Witness the Change

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Plastic People

Alpha Neil's got another quality edit up at his dusty finds blog The Charity Shop, the first of his 'Charity Shop edits'. Check it out!

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The Goodness

For more Silver Convention check out this post from the early Kid Breaks days


Rock the Boat

My extended drums edit of Forrest's 'Rock the Boat'. I've cut out the entire melody, leaving just the intense percussion and vocoder hook, with a few added effects and dubbing.

Forrest - Rock the Boat (Kid Who edit)

Forrest on Discogs


Milkways' '78 cosmic synth adventure 'Astroport'. Intergalactic Italo at its best.

Milkways - Astroport

Milkways on Discogs


Mt. Airy Groove

More quality from the Leeds based Goodness stable. Alpha Neil smashes it again with one of his latest edits: Pieces of a Dream's classic b-boy break 'Mt. Airy Groove' from '82 gets the cut-up treatment, dropping the rare-groove bassline and instead extending the bouncy electro-pop synth and Rhodes piano. Killer stuff!

Pieces of a Dream - Mt. Airy Groove (Alpha Neil edit)

Pieces of a Dream on Discogs
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The Goodness


Camp midtempo boogie from Midnight Star on the Sound of Los Angeles (Solar MCA) label from 1984.

Midnight Star - Playmates

Midnight Star on Discogs


No G.D.M.

Here's a little something I did the other day, Gina X's 'No G.D.M.', dubbed out and re-arranged. Euro synth-pop with a light-hearted edge and a huge vocoder chorus.

Gina X - No G.D.M. (Kid Who dub)

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Ready or Not

Tasteful slice of '79 boogie, dripping with P-funk, from the excellent Herbie Hancock.

Herbie Hancock - Ready or Not

Herbie Hancock on Discogs


Disco Opera

Came across this today. Kool DJ Dust has edited loads of disco records into one long suite of edits entitled 'The Disco Opera'. It's a great listen. Check it out here courtesy of DJ Anonymous.

Kool DJ Dust on Discogs


Party is the Solution

Picked up this 1980 disco monster the other day at my local second hand record shop. I can't find that much info about Floyd Beck, although it looks like he only put out two killer disco records before becoming a minister in Florida. Here's my extremely long edit, starting off as a straightforward cut-up and ending on a club tip.

Floyd Beck - Party is the Solution (Kid Who edit)

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If it ain't broke

Mango Boy, better known as Defected house producer Mr G comes correct with a clubby techy groover circa 2001. Again, ripped at -6.

Mango Boy - If it ain't broke (Kid's -6 rip)

Mr G on Discogs

Photograph by william rugen


Kongas Fun

'Kongas Fun' from French disco superproducer Jean-Marc Cerrone, taken from a Bob Sinclar Cerrone compilation - perhaps Mr Sinclar has done a touch of editing too. This track is pure percussive disco fire. This is the first time I've posted a rip recorded at the wrong speed (in this case -6), but I just thought it bumped along nicer a little slower.

Cerrone - Kongas Fun (Kid's -6 rip)

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