Huge re-working of Leo's Sunship's 'I'm Back For More' from the Linkwood Family. Classic soul break expertly chopped and glitched. For those lazy summer afternoons, if they ever come...

Linkwood Family - Piece of Mind

Leo's Sunship on Discogs



Explosive afro-funk flavours from Canadian funk/prog/fusion band Toubabou. Taken from Pilooski's 'Canadian Racer' compilation. Massive percussion break, huge drums.

Toubabou - Doudou N'Diaye Et Ses Rosettes

Pilooski on Discogs

Photograph by SwiatoSlaw WojTkowiak

Hot Wax

Back to the boogie-funk with Van Twist's 'Hot Wax', 1984.

Van Twist - Hot Wax

Van Twist on Discogs

Photograph by
HOLGA est un joli prénom

To the Light

Longtime Chicago house producer Theo Parrish (pictured above) re-editing Brainstorm's 'Journey to the Light', taken from 'Ugly Edits 10', released in 2005. Soul/disco slow-burner. The opening 4 minutes are especially good as the groove is extended through a slow progression towards the vocal drop.

Brainstorm - Journey to the Light (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)

Theo Parrish on Discogs
Brainstorm on Discogs


Sleeping Faster

Found this on an old house compilation I had lying around, Lo Fidelity Allstars 'Sleeping Faster (General's dub), which had somehow developed scratches rendering it unplayable. I snatched what loops I could and remixed it into a slower, more minimal groove. Definitely on that Norwegian space disco tip.

Lo Fidelity Allstars - Sleeping Faster (Kid Who's remix of the remix)

Lo Fidelity Allstars on Discogs

Photograph by fadedfilmstrips


Interplanetary future disco from the Stratosferic band, the title track from the 1977 LP 'Splashdown'. You can't really get much more cosmic than this!

Stratosferic Band - Splashdown (Kid Who's cosmic rework)

Stratosferic Band on Discogs


Molecule Dance

Bernard Fevre of Black Devil (check the 1976 LP 'Disco Club') and his synths. From the 1975 LP 'The Strange World of Bernard Fevre'.

Bernard Fevre - Molecule Dance

Bernard Fevre on Discogs

Photograph by Amstrad

Into Le Knight....

Following up from the Bangalter post, here's my pick from Daft Punk's other half, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, working alongside Eric Chedeville here as Le Knight Club. Together they created the Crydamoure label in 1997, launching a string of releases from their own Le Knight Club outfit and other guest artists including DJ Sneak, Play Paul (Guy-Manuel's brother) and Deelat. Taking short loops from disco records, chopping them up and heavily processing them into a house context, their style (aided by the success of Daft Punk's 'Homework' and the overnight classic 'Music Sounds Better with You' on Roulé) influenced dance music across the board throughout the late 90s and early 00s. From US house releases to pop hits, many of the derivative strands of 'filtered disco' come across as watered down, with slick production and played-out loops. On the contrary, the simplicity and raw energy heard on the records which came out of the local Parisian scene from 1997-2001 (only a handful, mainly on the Crydamoure and Roulé labels) reflect the vibrance and energy of any local underground dance music scene in its early, and perhaps most innocent stages.

Le Knight Club - Coco Girlz

Le Knight Club - Mosquito

Le Knight Club - Nymphae Song

Crydamoure on Discogs



French 70s soundtrack groove from Jean-Pierre Mirouze. Re-edit courtesy of Mr Alpha Neil.

Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis (Alpha Neil Extended Edit)

Jean-Pierre Mirouze on Discogs

Fantastic grainy VHS screengrab by Eye Love


Hard Trafikk

Norwegian space disco with a percussive breaky twist from Bjørn Torske, 'Hard Trafikk' from his 2001 'Trøbbel' LP.

Bjørn Torske - Hard Trafikk

Bjørn Torske on Discogs

Photograph by ChristinaBrown

Free Bass

Stayed up late last night reworking Wizzdom's 1980 TK Disco jammer 'Free Bass'. The results:

Wizzdom - Free Bass (Kid Who's superdisco mix)

Wizzdom on Discogs


Wickedy Sounds

One of my heroes from my house days: DJ Sneak. With his trademark chunky Chicago jackin beats and long filter sweeps Sneak created a sound all of his own, and his special hypnotic brand of house music trancended the boundaries of the Chicago scene and crossed over on to both the San Francisco and New York dancefloors. This is one of my favourite Sneak jams, the B-side to 'Smokey Hill Street' released on his own Magnetic label in 2001. Analog stabs drive along a crispy Chi-town beat, paving the way for the loopy bassline, all churned through the unmistakeable band-pass sweeps. It's quite fast at 130bpm, and I'd definitely play it out much slower, but still - sounds wickedy.

DJ Sneak - Wickedy Sounds

DJ Sneak on Discogs

Photograph looking up the Sears Tower, Chicago by lydiabullockphoto.

Special Combo

The title track from Swirl People's 'Special Combo' LP released in 2004. Boogie-meets-house-meets-disco with a hint of afrobeat.

Swirl People - Special Combo

Swirl People on Discogs

Pilot Error

Stephanie Mills' 'Pilot Error' flipped into an instrumental cosmic boogie groover. Thanks to plaidmusic for finding this one.

Stephanie Mills - Pilot Error (Kid Who instrumental edit)

Stephanie Mills on Discogs

Dancin' to the beat

My good friend and fellow DJ/producer/general record nerd Alpha Neil (Original Heroes/The Goodness) has been sending me loads of top notch edits, remixes and original beats he's been working on up in Leeds over the last few weeks, some of which will surely be featured in upcoming posts. Here's his edit of Henderson and Whitfield's 'Dancin' to the Beat'. A simple yet effective general tightening up of the original instrumental mix of this disco/boogie banger, sure to rock even the most difficult of dancefloors.

Henderson and Whitfield - Dancin' to the Beat (Alpha Neil extended edit)

Henderson and Whitfield on Discogs
Alpha Neil on MySpace


Bank Holiday....

At my parents' place in Wales for the Easter bank holiday! Had a mad busy week - hence the lack of posts... Never fear, there's plenty of bits ready to go up over the next few days including some fresh edits, so watch this space...


Northern Lights

Another April Orchestra gem, from volume 13, Puccio Roelens' 'Northern Lights'.

Puccio Roelens - Northern Lights

Puccio Roelens on Discogs

Photograph by Snake_Charmer. I decided not to go for the Aurora Borealis.