Fantastic Reggae Adventure

Something for the weekend. Nearly 70 of my favourite reggae sides jam-packed into 44 minutes of madness. Nothing special, loads of Trojan/Studio One bits plus a few more unusal finds, on an old school tip. It's all dusty as hell and massively sludgy, the way I love it. Enjoy!

Kid Who's Fantastic Reggae Adventure

1. Ansell Collins - Nuclear Weapon
2. Clancy Eccles All Stars - CN Express
3. Eternals Pity the Children
4. The Blenders - Decimal Currency
5. Karl Bryan - Red Ash
6. Tommy McCook - Tunnel One
7. Gladdy Anderson and Lyn Taitt - Love Me Forever
8. Sharon Jones - How Long do I have to wait for You (Ticklah remix)
9. Herman Marquis - Tom's Version
10. Carlton Alphonso - Belittle Me
11. Jackie Mitoo - Reggae Rock
12. The Crystalites - Slippery
13. Alton Ellis - It's a Shame
14. Simplicity People - Nowhere
15. Aggrovators - Doctor Seaton
16. Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking
17. Sound Dimension - Real Rock
18. Willie Williams - Armagedeon Time (version)
19. Michigan and Smiley - Nice up the Dance
20. Junior Murvin, Welton Irie and Prince Weedey - Cool Out Son
21. Cornell Campbell - Rope In
22. Xterminator - Real Rock Riddim (version)
23. Andy Capp - Poppy Show (pt 2)
24. Keith Blake - Musically
25. Boris Gardiner - Scarface
26. The Heptones - Sea of Love
27. Jackie Mitoo - 030e
28. John Holt - For the Love of You
29. Bob Marley - Trenchtown Rock
30. The Kingstonians - Sufferer
31. Harry J Allstars - Liquidator
32. Horace Andy - Skylarking
33. Hortense Ellis - People Make the World go Round
34. Jackie Mitoo - Summer Breeze
35. Jimmy London - I'm Your Puppet
36. GG All Stars - Rocking on the GG Beat
37. Soul Syndicate - Riot
38. Upsetter - Rally Dub
39. Michael Rose - Born Free (discomix)
40. Typhoon Allstars - Rack-A-Tack
41. Scientist - Ghost of Frankenstein
42. Vivian Jackson and the Prophets - The Man who does the Work
43. The Upsetters - Groovy Dub
44. Bob Marley - Sun is Shining
45. Scientist and Prince Jammy - The Princess takes her Revenge
46. Tommy McCook - Hornsman Chant
47. Vivian Jackson and the Prophets - Deliver me from my Enemies
48. In Crowd - Mango Walk
49. The Upsetters - Life is Not Easy (dub)
50. Butch Cassidy Soundsystem - The Putney
51. Tommy McCook - Revenge
52. Harry Mudie meets King Tubby - Strings Dub in Rema
53. Leroy Smart - Life is a funny thing
54. Keith Hudson - Black Right
55. Sylford Walker - Burn Babylon
56. Mikey Dread - Voice of Jah
57. Hugh Mundell - Africa Must be Free by 1983
58. Hugh Mundell - Africa Dub
59. Lizzard - Milk and Honey
60. King Tubby and Soul Syndicate - Isrealite Children Dub
61. J.D. and the Rock - Superbad
62. Scotty and Lorna Bennett - Breakfast in Bed (DJ version)
63. Lorna Bennett - Breakfast in Bed
64. Brent Dowe - Reggae Makossa
65. Brother Culture - Darker Side of Town
66. Manesseh - Darker Dub

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Dub Fire

Aswad's 'Dub Fire' from 1980. Spaced reggae bubbler complete with huge boogie-style analog bass.

Aswad - Dub Fire

Aswad on Discogs


Atlantic Conveyor

This tune is a monster. From the 'Fantastic Incidents EP' released in '04.

Atlantic Conveyor - We Are

And here's where they got the gigantic bassline.

Inner Life - Moment of my Life (Shep Pettibone 12" remix)

Atlantic Conveyor on Discogs
Inner Life on Discogs

Photograph by koreana



An extended reworking of Blue Moderne's 'Again' from their 1988 album 'Where is Love'. The original is actually just over a minute long, it's a dub reprise of 'Do that Again' from the same album. I extended it, cut a few bits up and added some minor details. Laid-back disco-soul with mellow boogie production from Ish (see my 'Rave for One' mix for a cameo feature).

Blue Moderne - Again (Kid Who extended edit)

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Down by the Sea

This one's a selection from my parents' records, Australian reggae-rockers Men at Work's 'Down by the Sea' off the '82 album 'Business as Usual'. It's slow, it's epic and it's cheesy... definitely on that 80's anthemic rock tip. Don't think it sounds like your kinda thing? Check the sparse but massive drum break with the deep synth drone in the opening... then the guitar drops... prime mixtape material. Get juggling.

Men at Work - Down by the Sea

Men at Work on Discogs

Photograph by borealnz. More on Flickr

Cosmic Funk

The Mad Dog Fire Department's 'Cosmic Funk' from 1979. It's, well, cosmic funk.

Mad Dog Fire Department - Cosmic Funk

Mad Dog Fire Department on Discogs

Photograph by Tubes


Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk's 'Action Speaks Louder than Words' from the LP of the same title, released in '75. Slow synth funk, with a hint of P-funk 'One Nation...' grittiness. Monster bass.

Chocolate Milk - Action Speaks Louder than Words

Chocolate Milk on Discogs

Photograph by Mareen Fischinger. Check out more of her expertly executed work here


Something freaky...

St Tropez' version of 'I want to do something freaky to you' from 1982. A harder-hitting alternative to the classic Dre break from Leon Haywood with some great early 80s synth and punchy big brass. Great for loops too.

St Tropez - I want to do something freaky to you

St Tropez on Discogs

Nightmarishly freaky photograph by Davezilla

Mister Eveready

'Mr Eveready' from the Cassius LP '1999'. Dubbed out disco grooves with a little French filtery touch. The album is really very good, not your usual join the dots house music - the combination of BoomBass' cut-n-paste hip-hop and Parisian house producer Phillipe Zdar's moody phased disco creates a dark yet playful atmosphere. And the album artwork and typography is great too - definitely worth checking out.

Cassius - Mr Eveready - link fixed!

Thought I'd post another one from Mr Zdar, this time teaming up with Ettiene de Crecy as Motorbass. Deep house with a dark disco edge.

Motorbass - Bad Vibes (D. mix)

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What's Going Off?

Heard this uncredited white label mash ages ago on a mix, can't remember who's, and managed to track it down on MusicStack for the hefty sum of £35 - at the time manageble as I was still benefiting from my student loan... Loads of classic 80s electro jammers mashed together with the Roxanne Shante acapella from Mekon's 'What's Going On?' over the top. Nothing spectacular (and quite silly) but it will blow the roof off the right dancefloor, and is a nice hip hop-boogie bridge.

White Label - What's Going Off?

Mekon on Discogs


Tokyo Connection

A short yet explosive slice of Japanese car chase jazz. Unfortunately I don't have the full details for this (it's an internet find), although a little research suggests that its from a CD sold with a book about Japanese actor Akira Kobayashi entitled 'The World of Akira Kobayashi'. Either way it's killer cop show library stuff with plenty of juicy bits waiting to be looped.

The World of Akira Kobayashi - Untitled

Photograph by the massively talented Skorj. Flickr


Double Deluxé

I'm always surprised at quite how many people aren't aware of Finnish band Pepe Deluxé. They made their debut on 'Return of the DJ vol 2' in 1996 with 'Call me Goldfinger', which was followed in 1999 with the incredible 'Super Sound' LP on Brighton label Catskills. Their unique blend of big dusty hip-hop beats, experimental instrumentation and sound design and samples sourced from across the musical spectrum was developed further on the 2003 album 'Beatitude'. Their latest offering 'Spare Time Machine' marks a departure from their hip-hop roots towards more rocky territory - still maintaining the sense of off-the-wall sonic madness which made the previous releases so enjoyable.

Here are two tracks from the first two albums. I personally can't get enough of this, and if you haven't already done so, I really do recommend you grabbing 'Super Sound' and 'Beatitude'. Oh yeah, one more thing - be sure to get the original pressing of 'Super Sound' - they had to do a re-release due to sample issues which sadly resulted in a very different feel across the whole album, with many samples having to be recreated with live instruments. Look out for the Nina Simone sample on the old Levi's commercial theme 'Woman in Blue'. If it's there you're good to go.

Pepe Deluxé - Everybody Pass Me By

Pepe Deluxé -

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Photograph by Scott Ableman. Check him on Flickr


Champion Version

Canadian dub producer Dubmatix sent this to me this morning. A heads-down dub reggae take on the Marley classic. Warrior!

Bob Marley - Is this Love (Dubmatix Re-Version)

Dubmatix on Discogs
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Disco 2000 Selector

Bob Sinclair's 'Get Into the Music' from the 1998 album 'Paradise' on Yellow/Mighty Bop.

Bob Sinclair presents Paradise - Get Into the Music

Bob Sinclair on Discogs
Bob Sinclair on MySpace

Photograph by Tubes. Check his Flickr page here


That feelin'

More edit goodness. Nice breaks too, the opening drums offer a nice alternative to the famous 'Shack Up' break we all know and love. Feel good disco from 1979. Go get!

Frank Hooker and Positive People - This Feelin' (Kid Who edit)

Frank Hooker and Positive People on Discogs

Photograph by bobby stokes. Check his Flickr page here


Funky Bebop

Had some crazy arctic weather in London on Sunday night. Here's one of my pictures taken at Camberwell Green at about 2am.

On a completely unrelated tip, this is th Vin Zee's 'Funky Bebop' from 1981. The groove is so good on its own I thought I'd post the instrumental - which, surprisingly enough still has plenty of vocals to keep it interesting. Early boogie-funk with a splash of vocoder.

Vin Zee - Funky Bebop ('81 Instrumental)

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This Friday just gone I was lucky enough to be joined for a set at The Loft in Clapham by London DJ and producer Je Suis C, one half of boogie-funk/disco outfit Ulysses 82. This is one from his selection - the Universal Robot Band's 'Barely Breaking Even' (1984). Big disco jammer with some great synth action. And it's topical!

Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even (Club mix)

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