Double Deluxé

I'm always surprised at quite how many people aren't aware of Finnish band Pepe Deluxé. They made their debut on 'Return of the DJ vol 2' in 1996 with 'Call me Goldfinger', which was followed in 1999 with the incredible 'Super Sound' LP on Brighton label Catskills. Their unique blend of big dusty hip-hop beats, experimental instrumentation and sound design and samples sourced from across the musical spectrum was developed further on the 2003 album 'Beatitude'. Their latest offering 'Spare Time Machine' marks a departure from their hip-hop roots towards more rocky territory - still maintaining the sense of off-the-wall sonic madness which made the previous releases so enjoyable.

Here are two tracks from the first two albums. I personally can't get enough of this, and if you haven't already done so, I really do recommend you grabbing 'Super Sound' and 'Beatitude'. Oh yeah, one more thing - be sure to get the original pressing of 'Super Sound' - they had to do a re-release due to sample issues which sadly resulted in a very different feel across the whole album, with many samples having to be recreated with live instruments. Look out for the Nina Simone sample on the old Levi's commercial theme 'Woman in Blue'. If it's there you're good to go.

Pepe Deluxé - Everybody Pass Me By

Pepe Deluxé -

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Photograph by Scott Ableman. Check him on Flickr

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