Do It To The Max

Fans of Greame Clark (The Revenge, OOFT) and Craig Smith's collaborative work as 6th Borough Project will instantly recognise this one. Xavier's 'Do It To The Max', released in 1982 on Liberty, as a single and then featuring on the LP 'Point of Pleasure'. The insane music video is well worth a watch too.

Xavier - Do It To The Max

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Gimme the Funk

Posted this one up on The Goodness quite a while back, and here it is again for those who missed it last time. Camp boogie instrumental. Apologies for the dusty quality, I found this 45 in a friend's damp attic, along with other records which had actually started growing mold. Seriously. Still, it was a disco goldmine, and I was determined to rescue whatever I could. There's a fun Ottowan LP in there which I should probably rip sometime. But that's another post...

Charades - Gimme the Funk (Instrumental)

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Welcome to Earth

Space-Kudu does a fine job extending Moebius' 'Urth' into an epic, dusty cosmic stomper. Plenty of great loops and builds. From the 1979 LP 'Moebius' released on Moonwind/Voom Voom. Quality stuff. Welcome to Earth!

Moebius - Urth (Space-Kudu edit)

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Photograph taken in Earth, Texas. By J. Stephen Conn


Systems Breaking Down

Haunting dubbed-out synth-pop jam from 1982 on RCA.

Anna - Systems Breaking Down (Dub)

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You Can't Hide From Yourself

The original killer Teddy Pendergrass break DJ Sneak used for his instant classic Chicago house groove 'You Can't Hide From Your Bud' in 1997. Taken from his self-titled album released on Philadelphia International in 1977. With a wealth of releases spanning from a string of hits with Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes through to his extensive solo output, Teddy P is certainly going to be missed.

Teddy Pendergrass - You Can't Hide From Yourself

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My three favourite cuts from Tony Carey's 'Explorer' LP, released in 1982 on German label X Records. Those familiar with his 'Yellow Power' LP will recognise these - 'Explorer' is pretty much the same album but in a less refined demo format.

Explorer - Enjaw J

Explorer - No. 8

Explorer - No. 14

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Off-the-wall slow disco cover of a Pink Floyd classic. From the album 'Bob-A-Rela' released on Channel/RCA in 1979.

Bob-A-Rela - Money

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Views of the Rhine

Happy new year to all!

Let's kick off 2010 with this brilliant piece of anthemic new-wave synth-pop from Kevin Harrison. Instrumental cut from the 1982 EP 'Fly' released on Glass Records.

Kevin Harrison - Views of the Rhine

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