Soulful disco from Melba Moore, released on Epic in 1978. There are some killer instrumental breakdowns, and a nearly 2 minute instrumental intro for the loop heads. Melba's vocal performance is fantastic too.

Melba Moore - You Stepped Into My Life

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Hand Jive

An unusual rock-n-roll meets Italo-tinged disco treat from Rinder and Lewis, released on AVI (check the 'Best of AVI Records' compilation, unmissable) in 1979. Complete with Moroder-esque arpeggiated bassline and some absolutely massive synth sweeps. Gotta love it.

Rinder and Lewis - Willie and the Hand Jive

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The Merriest Moog

You can't really beat this for a Christmas album sleeve design. No tunes today (more on the way soon, promise!!). Merry Christmas to all, thanks for the continuing support!


Get on Down

Gene Chandler's boogie-meets-disco jammer 'Get Down' from 1978 album of the same name, released on Chi Town.

Gene Chandler - Get Down (12" version)

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Tears For Fears

Dynamite yacht-pop edit from the mysterious Yuffle.

Yuffle - Rule the World

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Inner Space

Ambient synth workout from Bobby Lyle, from the 1978 LP 'New Warrior', as sampled by Madlib for the intro to this beat on the Quasimoto album 'The Unseen'.

Bobby Lyle - Inner Space

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High Noon

Stunning early house gem from the legendary Larry Heard, released on the 'Dance Tracs' EP in 1986 under the name Disco-D.

Disco-D - High Noon

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Photograph by datadirt

The Mexican

Canadian disco group Bombers' explosive disco version of the b-boy classic 'The Mexican', released on West End in 1978. Insane drum breaks, definitely not to be missed.

Bombers - The Mexican

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Sarr Band

Social Disco Club do a fine job editing this funky disco gem from the Sarr Band, released on Calendar Records in 1978.

Sarr Band - Double Action (SDC Edit)

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Social Disco Club


Take Me to the River

Just great.

Talking Heads - Take Me to the River (The Noodleman Chopstick Dub)

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Tubular Bells

Oft-sampled funky disco cover of Mike Oldfield's defining classic, released on French label Vogue in 1976. Huge drum break.

Champ's Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)

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US Post-rock outfit Maserati is certainly not your run-of-the-mill guitar band. Their proggy, psychedelic instrumentals are laced with hypnotic melodies and creative percussion, all expertly produced. Here's the lead track from their 2007 LP 'Inventions for the New Season', released on Temporary Residence. For a more dancefloor-friendly reworking of this check the awesome 'Enjoy Your Prog' mix from Justin Van Der Volgen on the 'Inventions Remixes' 12", as championed by Norwegian disco king Prins Thomas.

Maserati - Inventions

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Photograph by Yellow.Cat