... And More

For the B-side to 'I Want More', German Krautrock pioneers Can created perhaps the first ever bonus beats in the form of '... And More', released on Harvest/Virgin in 1976. It's a killer hypnotic, organic groove, although sadly there's only 2 minutes 55 seconds worth of it. Begging for an edit...

Can - ... And More

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  1. I always thought the same as you that the flipside was criminally short so I was really pleased when Westbam did a remix for the 1997 Sacrilege compilation album of various remixed Can songs (worth getting for The Orb, UNKLE & Pascal Gabriel remixes though many of the others are so Drum & Bass themed, I guess reflecting the fact it was '97 when every other remix had a D&B flavour and to be honest those ones really have not stood the test of time).

    Anyway, I have posted it on Mediafire for you if you want a listen, its a 320 rip so good quality:


    Anyone else is welcome to it.