Been a Minute

I'm still here! It's been a busy couple months, finishing up remixes and jamming out ideas for an EP of original tracks I'm putting together. More info on that to come... In the meantime here's 3 unconnected tracks I've been enjoying recently...

Sky - Westway (Sky LP, 1979, Ariola)

Mythos - Terra Incognita (Strange Guys LP, 1978, Venus)

Touré Kunda - Mamadiyo (Wadini LP, 1986, Trema)


Sky on Discogs

Mythos on Discogs

Touré Kunda on Discogs

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  1. Hope the Mindless Boogie release is going well!
    Look forward to hearing what you are up to in the coming months.
    Once I shed my irrational prog prejudices a few years ago, the Sky album has been a constant favourite as have the Mythos albums (the two albums they did for Sky records are well worth checking out)....not come across Touré Kunda before so thats been a cool suprise, definitely going to check out some more stuff by him, its exactly the kind of afrobeat I love, wild drumming & heart-melting chants.