Rainbow Socks

I've just finished a remix for Brazilian label Rainbow Socks, based in São Paulo, for an upcoming EP from 3am (label owner and producer Pejota) which will be seeing a digital release in the near future. The EP will include two 3am originals with remixes, one remix from me and the other from Rio based producer Pedro Zopelar, who was kind enough to send me a bunch of tracks this morning. I've already been dropping his massive 3am remix for several weeks now (be sure to check it when the EP drops) and his other edits and productions do not disappoint. Here he flips a Jorje Ben record into a percussive house workout with an old shcool feel. Also check his original productions on Mister Mistery.

Zopelar - Umbabaraumba

Zopelar on MySpace

Rainbow Socks Records on MySpace


  1. Ah, cool! Very insteresting :)

  2. Thanks for the chart, Louis!!! very nice!

  3. Zopelar is doing really great jobs!

  4. Pedro "Good Vibes" Zopelar! ;)

  5. Zopelar is the next big thing from Brazil's nu disco/house scene, for sure!