Can you really dance to my beat?

Apologies for the recent absence, I've just started a new job and been away over the bank holiday, so found little time to post.

Here's a big track I used to play at Likwid in Bahrain years ago (my first DJ gig and residency!). I came across it via my good friend and sometime mentor Mr K who not only runs Likwid but is also a DJ with some serious skills and impeccable taste. More than that, he was arguably among the most fundamental heads to bring dance music to the Middle East, taking the first brave steps away from a strictly pop oriented scene and bringing top American and European DJs to play in Bahrain and Dubai. These days there is a strong dance music scene across the Gulf, with a new generation of Middle Eastern house and techno producers growing by the day. The killer Derrick Carter (pictured above) remix of Blaze's 'My Beat' from '99 instantly brings back memories of those early days for me, and I think it still works just as well today as it did back then.

Blaze - My Beat (Derrick Carter's Disco Circus Mix)

Blaze on Discogs

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