Space Oddity

I came across this golden nugget of funky disco-soul goodness whilst listening to French DJ and library afficionado Jess' mix 'Tales from the Library' posted on Lovefingers. After getting in touch with the man himself about this particular jam, pointed me in the direction of a compilation he put together with fellow DJ Alexis Le-Tan, entitled 'Space Oddities'. It's an expertly picked selection of obscure library gems just like this one, and I highly recommend picking up a copy. This particular track is off one of the April Orchestra LPs, much sampled beatdigger favourites. I've been dropping it every time I've played in the last few months - the groove is great and the brass section just smash it. I love.

Thierry Durbet and Harry Williams Verchu - System 80

Space Oddities on MySpace

Photograph is a from the LEGO adaptation of Kubrick's classic '2001: A Space Odyssey' - find out about that here

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